Mary Stockwell

Mary Stockwell

Dr. Mary Stockwell completed her Ph.D. in history at the University of Toledo, where she was the last student of W. Eugene Hollon, the noted historian of the American West. In 1996, she was hired as the American History Professor at Lourdes University, and in 2001, she became the Chair of its Department of History, Political Science, and Geography. She won the Faculty Excellence Award for her superior teaching three times at Lourdes University and was nominated by her institution for national teaching awards. She said goodbye to her teaching and administrative career in 2012 to become a full-time writer and to accept the first of two Earhart Foundation Fellowships at the William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan. She was also awarded a Gilder-Lehrman Fellowship to study at the New York Public Library.


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Books by Mary Stockwell

Interrupted Odyssey cover

INTERRUPTED ODYSSEY: ULYSSES S. GRANT AND THE AMERICAN INDIANS (2018): Contrary to all previous works on Ulysses S. Grant, Interrupted Odyssey reveals that President Grant had no intention of putting Christian missionaries in charge of Indian reservations. Instead, he developed a new policy, with the help of his close friend Ely Parker, himself a Seneca Indian, that placed the army and the executive branch in charge of Indian affairs. Opposition to his approach arose swiftly from Congress, the Board of Indian Commissioners, which Grant and Parker had established to help them as advisors and auditors, reformers, the press, and ultimately the tribes themselves, upending his plans just as they were being implemented.

In the end, Grant lost hope in most of the original goals of his policy, especially after the Modoc War in 1873, the Red River War in 1874, and the battle for gold in the Black Hills that led to the Great Sioux War in 1876.  However, he never gave up the dream of winning American citizenship for all Indians.


Unlikely General cover

UNLIKELY GENERAL: "MAD" ANTHONY WAYNE AND THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA (2018): Unlikely General tells the story of America's most scandalous general, known as a womanizing, heavy drinker, and spendthrift, from the moment he is appointed commander of the U.S. Army in 1792 to his great victory at Fallen Timbers two years later and finally to his death in 1796 when his shattered body gave way at last to all the hardships he had endured for his country.

The book also follows Wayne's life through flashbacks that reveal how his past brought him to the present moment. Drawn from Wayne's own passionate letters, where he confessed his deepest thoughts and emotions in a vivid style so different from the rationalism of his peers, Unlikely General tells the story of how Wayne gave up everything that mattered in life—his youth, his marriage, his family and friends, his health, and his fortune—to rescue the America people who would forget all he had suffered on their behalf, except for the nickname they bestowed on him—"Mad Anthony."

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