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Roger Gordon is the author of nine books and has written for several publications, including The Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine, Lake Erie Living Magazine, and the Record-Courier in Portage County.


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Blanton's Browns cover

BLANTON'S BROWNS: THE GREAT 1965-69 CLEVELAND BROWNS (2019): This book focuses on the Cleveland Browns of the late 1960s, a great era of Browns football that seems to be forgotten by many. A book about the 1965-69 Browns was long overdue. The book includes a season-by-season history of the late 1960s Browns and concludes with biographies on thirty-five players from that era.


A Century of NFL cover

A CENTURY OF NFL FOOTBALL: THE ALL-TIME QUIZ (2019): The birth of the National Football League can be traced to a meeting held in the showroom of a Canton, Ohio, car dealership in September 1920. From these humble beginnings, pro football has grown into a global phenomenon. Today, nearly a century later, fans flock to stadiums across the country, and worldwide television viewership numbers are in the hundreds of millions. To celebrate the NFL's 100th season, this book describes the evolution of pro football in trivia questions, answers, and anecdotes. Rather than merely posing questions and providing short answers, the book gives details behind each—stories that bring to life players, coaches, rivalries and championships.


So You Think You're a Cleveland Browns Fan cover

SO YOU THINK YOU'RE A CLEVELAND BROWNS FAN? (2017): This book tests and expands your knowledge of the history of one of the NFL's oldest franchises. Rather than merely posing questions and providing answers, you'll get details behind each—stories that bring to life players and coaches, games, and seasons.

This book is divided into four parts, with progressively more difficult questions in each new section. The Practice Squad section contains the most basic questions. Next comes the Starter and Pro Bowl sections, followed by the biggest challenge: the Hall of Fame.

With this book, you'll learn more about the great Browns players and coaches of the past and present: from Otto Graham, Lou Groza, and Marion Motley, to Jim Brown, Bobby Mitchell, Brian Sipe, Paul Warfield, Leroy Kelly, Ozzie Newsome, Bernie Kosar, Greg Pruitt, Earnest Byner, Joe Delamielleure, Paul Brown, and so many more.


Miracle of Richfield cover

THE MIRACLE OF RICHFIELD: THE STORY OF THE 1975-76 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (2016): Three years before Brian Sipe began his magic with the Cleveland Browns, Bill Fitch and his band of Cavaliers brought a buzz to Northeast Ohio basketball that fans had never seen before. Despite a rough start to their 1975-76 season, the Cavaliers rode the shoulders of Akron native Nate Thurmond to the Central Division title. Under his leadership, they qualified for the playoffs. Then in April the Cavs provided fans with a remarkable string of games against the Washington Bullets, winning in incredible fashion three times twice at The Coliseum in Richfield en route to a 4-3 series victory in the Eastern Conference Semifinal.

An emotionally charged experience, this was the Cavs first time in the playoffs. To further the excitement, three of their four victories weren't clinched until the final buzzer. The noise in The Coliseum was so intense that the building shook. Hailed as the Miracle of Richfield, many maintain that the 1975-76 season remains the most memorable in Cavaliers history even over the 2006-07 and 2014 15 seasons led by LeBron James.

"The Miracle of Richfield: The Story of the 1975-76 Cleveland Cavaliers" offers readers an inside look at the team, from its slow start winning just 6 of 16 games, the key signing of Thurmond, and winning the Central title to the pulse-pounding playoff series with the Bullets and the disappointing defeat to the Celtics. The 75-76 season especially the playoff provided Cavs fans with an exhilaration that will never be forgotten.

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