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Mary Kay Carson is an award-winning children's nonfiction author of more than fifty books for young people about space, weather, nature, and other science and history topics. Carson began her writing career at the classroom magazine SuperScience at Scholastic in New York City and has been a full-time freelance writer for nearly twenty years. She also writes magazine articles and educational materials for students, teachers, and others and gives presentations at schools about nonfiction writing, the Underground Railroad, the solar system, and other topics. She lives Cincinnati, Ohio, with her photographer husband Tom Uhlman.


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School Visits & Speaking Engagements

Mary Kay Carson has a number of prepared presentations on wildlife, space, weather, and nature. Presentations on nature and wildlife include Tour the New Solar System, Batty Science; The Story Behind Emi, Cincinnati's Famous Rhino; Helping Endangered Wildlife; and Why Are These Animals So Weird?. History presentations include The Wright Brothers and Ride the Underground Railroad. Writing programs include: Let's Create a Book!, Three Steps to Write, Telling True Tales, and Writing Is My Job. Audience: Youth or Adult. Please visit this link for more about Mary Kay Carson's speaking.


Mary Kay Carson's Books

Tornado Scientist cover

THE TORNADO SCIENTIST: SEEING INSIDE SEVERE STORMS (2019): In this addition to the critically-acclaimed Scientist in the Field series, scientist Robin Tanamachi and her team are trying to save countless lives across America's heartland, chasing one tornado at a time.

Robin Tanamachi has been captivated by tornadoes and extreme weather her entire life. When she realized people researched weather for a job, she was hooked. She now studies tornadogenesis, or how tornadoes form, and what causes them to get weaker versus strengthen. For her, driving around in a Doppler radar truck aiming towards storms is a normal day in the office. The data she collects is then modeled and studied on computers—with math, physics, and computer science working hand in hand with meteorology. At the end of the day, knowing exactly how, when, and where these violent storms happen can give more warning time for everyone involved. (Ages 10+)


Weird Animals cover

WEIRD ANIMALS (2019): Axolotl, sea pig, mirror spider. These are some crazy-looking critters! But no matter how bizarre or wacky, there's a reason why animals look the way they do. These characteristics—including their colors, teeth, and behavior—help them survive. With the help of some amazing photos, Mary Kay Carson reveals that, no matter how odd, things like slime and freaky noses are more than just surface features—they're lifesaving. (Ages 8-12)


Mission to Pluto cover

MISSION TO PLUTO: THE FIRST VISIT TO AN ICE DWARF AND THE KUIPER BELT (2017): In July of 2015 a robotic spacecraft reached Pluto after a nine-and-half-year journey. New Horizons is the first spacecraft mission to Pluto and it revealed Pluto's five moons as never before seen. Images from the mission show a reddish surface covered in ice-water mountains, moving glaciers, and hints of possible ice volcanoes and an underground ocean. Pluto is geologically alive and changing! (Ages 10+)

32nd Annual
Buckeye Book Fair
November 2, 2019
9:30 to 4:00
Fisher Auditorium Wooster, Ohio
$2 Admission
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