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About Rick Armon: Rick Armon covers the beer industry, among other topics, for the Akron Beacon Journal. He has been writing about beer for more than 20 years and writes a daily beer blog about the Ohio beer industry for Ohio.com.

For more on Rick Armon, visit his Beer blog.

Rick Armon's Speaking Engagements: Rick talks about beer, local breweries, and gives the audience a quiz so they can learn about the Ohio beer industry. Audience: Adult.



Fifty Must-Try Craft Beers of Ohio cover

50 MUST-TRY CRAFT BEERS OF OHIO (2017): Every craft beer has a story, and part of the fun is learning where the liquid gold in your glass comes from. In this book, veteran beer writer Rick Armon picks the can't-miss brews in a roundup that will handily guide everyone from the newest beer aficionado to those with the most seasoned palates. Some are crowd pleasers, some are award winners, and some are just plain unusual.

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