Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Andrew Welsh-Huggins, a reporter and editor at the Associated Press in Columbus, is the author of five Andy Hayes mysteries featuring an ex-Ohio State and Cleveland Browns quarterback turned private eye. He grew up in Lima, New York, and attended Kenyon College in Gambier where he majored in Classics. After college he studied Gaelic in Ireland and volunteered on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota, then worked as a freelance writer in Providence, Rhode Island. He was a newspaper reporter in Bloomington, Indiana, and Youngstown, Ohio, before moving to Columbus in 1998 to join the Associated Press as a legal affairs reporter. He's also the author of two nonfiction books, No Winners Here Tonight, a history of Ohio's death penalty, and Hatred at Home, about one of the country's first domestic terrorism cases.


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Speaking Engagements

A mystery author, Andrew offers a micro-mystery writing workshop where he gives Five Tips for Getting Started on Your First Crime Fiction Novel, discusses how he created his characterand answers any and all questions. Audience: Adult.


Andrew Welsh-Huggins'

Third Brother

THE THIRD BROTHER (2018): It's a violent encounter that private investigator Andy Hayes could have done without. One minute he's finishing up some grocery shopping ahead of a custody visit with his sons. The next, he must come to the rescue of a Somali-American mother and her young children as anti-immigrant bullies torment them.

Grateful for his intervention, the Somali community hires Andy to find a missing teenager who vanished without a trace and is now accused of plotting a terror attack in his adopted hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The government is certain that nineteen-year-old Abdi Mohamed followed in the footsteps of his brother, who died in Syria a few months earlier in a jihadi assault. But Mohamed's family isn't convinced, describing a soccer-loving American kid who renounced his brotherís actions and planned to attend college in the fall and become a diplomat someday.

Soon Andy is fending off fed-up FBI agents and dueling with a mysterious foe with links to the white supremacist movement. As he draws ever closer to the truth behind Mohamedís disappearance, Hayes stumbles onto a conspiracy that could put hundreds of lives in danger, including his own two boys.


The Hunt cover

THE HUNT (2017): As a serial killer stalks prostitutes in Columbus, Ohio, a distraught brother asks private investigator Andy Hayes to find his sister before it's too late. In a deadly race against time, Hayes soon learns he's not the only person hunting Jessica Byrnes, but he may be the only one who wants her alive.

Byrnes hasn't been seen in weeks following a downward slide that started as a runaway teenager and may have ended permanently on the streets. Assisting Hayes is Theresa Sullivan, once a prostitute herself, now an outreach worker at St. Andrew's, the mission church run by Hayes' pal the Rev. Roy Roberts, an Episcopal priest less than keen on Theresa reliving the memories that nearly killed her. A local congresswoman making headlines with her work against human trafficking puts pressure on Hayes to solve the case, while the police don't want him near their exhaustive search for the murderer. Hayes' low tolerance for bad behavior is tested as his hunt for Jessica exposes the buying and selling of trafficked women across the region.



Capitol Punishment cover

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT (2016): The job seems simple enough: Reporter Lee Hershey needs protection for a couple of weeks as he pursues the biggest story of his career with all eyes on swing state Ohio in the midst of a presidential election. Columbus private eye Andy Hayes, broke as usual, doesn't have much choice but to sign on, even with his girlfriend falling for the charming journalist.

Then murder strikes at the Statehouse and Andy finds himself partly responsible for the death. With an innocent man behind bars, a mysterious vehicle following Andy around the city, and more lives in danger, the detective has his hands full trying to solve a killing in a poisonous political environment where everyone has a motive for murder and anyone could be the next target.

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