Carmella VanVleet

Carmella VanVleet

Carmella Van Vleet is a former teacher who’s been writing full-time for almost twenty years.


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School Visits & Speaking Engagements

Carmella speaks about the writing and publishing process. Audience: Youth or Adult. Please visit this link for more about Carmella Van Vleet's speaking.


Carmella Van Vleet's Books

Eliza Bing cover

ELIZA BING IS (NOT) A STAR (2018): Eliza Bing survived tae kwon do—and earned her yellow belt—when her whole family expected her to quit. But can she get through the sixth grade? Eliza's ADHD tends to complicate things, and an embarrassing science lab mishap has already made her a laughingstock. So when Eliza befriends confident, stage-obsessed Annie, she'll do anything to keep their friendship alive...even try out for the school play. Then Eliza lands a role in the production and discovers she has a flair for comedy, stirring up some unfortunate jealousy that tests her relationship with Annie. The spotlight isn't worth it if she can't share it with a friend! Eliza must make things right, using the patience and discipline she studies at the dojang, and perhaps a few playful tips she's picked up from the theater. (Ages 9-12)

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