Jane Ann Turzillo

Jane Ann Turzillo

Jane Ann Turzillo writes about true crimes in Ohio history and has been nominated for an Agatha Award. As an original owner of a large Ohio weekly newspaper, she covered police and fire news and wrote a historical column. She has also taught writing and literature and lives in Akron.


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Jane Ann Turzillo presents on the topics of her books. Audience: Adult.


Jane Ann Turzillo's Books

Wicked Women of Ohio

WICKED WOMEN OF OHIO (2018): The Buckeye State produced its share of wicked women. Tenacious madam Clara Palmer contended with constant police raids during the 1880s and '90s. Only death could shut the doors of her gilded bordello in Cleveland. Failed actress Mildred Gillars left for Europe right before WWII. Because she fell in love with the wrong man, she wound up peddling Nazi propaganda on the radio as "Axis Sally." Volatile Hester Foster was already doing time at the Ohio State Pen when she bashed in the head of a fellow inmate and became the first woman in the state to suffer the death penalty. The sinister Anna Marie Hahn dosed at least five elderly Cincinnati men with arsenic and croton oil and then watched them die in agony as she pretended to nurse them back to health. Award-winning crime writer Jane Ann Turzillo recounts the stories of Ohio's most notorious vixens, viragoes, and villainesses.


Unsolved Murders in Ohio

UNSOLVED MURDERS & DISAPPEARANCES IN NORTHEAST OHIO (2016): Cold case files litter the desks of authorities all across Northeast Ohio. This book recounts eight unsolved murders and two chilling disappearances. Included are the 1921 case of two Parma teachers who were bludgeoned to death on their way home from school and the 1928 mystery of a four-year-old Orrville boy who went missing after playing in the school yard with friends.

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