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Dale Thomas is the archivist for the Olmsted Historical Society in North Olmsted, Ohio. He is a retired teacher with a BS from Kent State University and a MA from Case Western Reserve University. He served as a judge for History Day at Case Western Reserve University, tour advisor at the Western Reserve Historical Society, and historian for the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable.



Books by Dale Thomas

Ohio Presidents cover

OHIO PRESIDENTS: A WHIG AND SEVEN REPUBLICANS (2019): Eight presidents have roots in Ohio, where today these communities take pride in their heritage.

William Henry Harrison, a Whig, served the shortest period of time as any president, but his legacy is the campaign strategy of 1840. Northern Whigs formed the Republican Party in 1854. After the Civil War, Ohio became a swing state for the party in presidential elections.

Ulysses S. Grant's exceptional leadership in the Civil War contrasted with his problems as president. Rutherford B. Hayes ended Reconstruction policies but could not protect the civil rights of African Americans in the South.

James A. Garfield died from a gunshot fired by a disappointed office seeker. His death led to the first civil service laws. Benjamin Harrison's administration included policies to improve the Navy and economy, but he failed to win re-election.

William McKinley won election to the White House, campaigning for conservative policies. He led the nation into the Spanish American War. An anarchist assassinated him, and Theodore Roosevelt became president. Serving two terms, Roosevelt wanted William H. Taft to succeed him as president. He soon criticized Taft for being too conservative.

In spite of scandals in his administration, Warren G. Harding had important accomplishments in foreign and domestic affairs.

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