Linda Stanek

Linda Stanek

Linda Stanek has a passion for writing, teaching, animals, and conservation. She lives in Dublin, Ohio.


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Speaking Engagements

Linda Stanek speaks to all ages of children in schools about reading, writing, publishing, and conservation. Linda speaks to teachers on the same topics, as well as to conservationists and teachers about using children's picture books in teaching conservation. She also speaks to writers about utilizing critique groups, and about writing children's nonfiction. Audience: Youth, Teen, or Adult. Please visit this link for more about Linda Stanek's speaking.


Linda Stanek's Books

Cheetah Dreams

CHEETAH DREAMS (2018): Cheetahs are the most rapidly vanishing cat in Africa. Share the dreams of a bright future for cheetahs while engaging sidebars provide a wealth of natural history information. From cleat-like feet to tear-marked faces, these majestic cats have many adaptations for life on the African plains. The fierce predators sprint after their prey at high-speed, an exhausting dash that leaves them ready for a nap! This rhythmic text will lull readers into cheetah dreams of their own.

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