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About Michael J. Rosen: Michael J. Rosen is the author, editor, and illustrator of a wide variety of more than 150 books—poetry, picture books, cookbooks, humor, anthologies, middle-grade novels—for both children and adults. Many of his earlier books involved philanthropic volumes to benefit animal-welfare groups or Share Our Strength's fight to end childhood hunger. A native of Columbus, Rosen studied pre-med at Ohio State University and briefly attended medical school before earning a master's degree in poetry at Columbia University. He now lives in the Appalachian foothills east of Columbus. For nearly twenty years, he served as literary director of The Thurber House, the great humorist’s home during his college years.


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Michael J. Rosen's Books

In the Quiet, Noisy Woods cover

IN THE QUIET, NOISY WOODS (2019): Squirrels chit-chitter-chatter, foxes swoosh-whoosh-rush, a deer stomp-stomp-stamps, and a hawk scree-scree-screeches. Into these quiet, NOISY woods, readers follow two frisky wolf pups yip-yap-yowling and grr-ruff-ruff-racing as they find their way back to their pack. Children will love calling out the interesting animal sounds throughout this enchanting, fast-paced chase through a lush forest. And young readers will come to know more about forest creatures and their interconnected lives, in this creative story by poet and naturalist Michael J. Rosen, who was inspired by the one-hundred-acre wood where he lives. The two final pages of the book include facts about each of the animals featured in this caper. Illustrator Annie Won's signature luminous artwork lights the way, showcasing the animals and their habitat in remarkably curious perspectives and with radiant warmth. (Ages 4-8)


The Tale of Rescue cover

TALE OF RESCUE (2015): When a blizzard traps a family outside in a whiteout, a cattle dog devises a stunning rescue in a moving, suspenseful, and gorgeously illustrated story.

A family—a mother, a father, and their ten-year-old son—have come all the way from Florida to the Appalachian foothills to experience the wonder of a snowy weekend. At a nearby farm, a cattle dog is working, as she does every day, driving her forty head of cattle from pasture to corral and back again. And then, suddenly, a blizzard descends. The family is trapped outside, disoriented in the whiteout. They are panicked, exhausted, freezing, and stranded in waist-deep drifts. From off in the distance, the cattle dog has heard their faint, snow-drowned cries. Her inexhaustible attention turns to saving them. This stirring tale is both a compelling story of survival and a meditation on the tremendous will of man's best friend. (Ages 9-12)


32nd Annual
Buckeye Book Fair
November 2, 2019
9:30 to 4:00
Fisher Auditorium Wooster, Ohio
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