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Nancy Roe Pimm is the author of several award-winning books for young readers. A native of Brooklyn New York, she currently lives in Plain City, Ohio, with her retired race-car driver husband, their two dogs, two cats, and a python named Monty.


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Nancy Roe Pimm speaks about writing and publishing, or on the topics of her books. Her new program is the true story of a World War II veteran and how he fought the war for over two years with a Yorkshire Terrier by his side. How did a Yorkie end up in a war zone in New Guinea? How did the soldier and his dog survive combat missions and kamikaze attacks? How did little Smoky save Bill’s life? Why is Smoky credited with being the first therapy dog, and how did she become a war dog hero? Please visit this link for more about Nancy Roe Pimm's speaking.



Books by Nancy Roe Pimm

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SMOKY, THE DOG THAT SAVED MY LIFE: THE BILL WYNNE STORY (2019): World War II soldier Bill Wynne met Smoky while serving in New Guinea, where the dog, who was smaller than Wynne's army boot, was found trying to scratch her way out of a foxhole. After he adopted her, Smoky served as the squadron mascot and is credited as being the first therapy dog for the emotional support she provided the soldiers. When they weren't fighting, Bill taught Smoky hundreds of tricks to entertain the troops. Smoky became a war hero herself at an airstrip in Luzon, the Philippines, where she helped save forty airplanes and hundreds of soldiers from imminent attack.

Readers will learn about World War II from an unusual perspective, witnessing the power of the bond between a soldier and his dog, and seeing how that bond continued through the exciting years following the war. (Ages 12+)


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BONDED BY BATTLE: THE POWERFUL FRIENDSHIPS OF MILITARY DOGS AND SOLDIERS (2017): Bonded by Battle explores the unbreakable bonds formed by military dogs and soldiers as they face life and death in the war zone. Learn how dogs and soldiers became one of the US military's most effective weapons in this "accurate and fascinating" (Kirkus) history of Military Working Dog Teams. Author Nancy Roe Pimm tells the remarkable story of this evolving partnership through 12 canine-human relationships. These heroic, intelligent four-legged soldiers are always full of courage and a whole lot of heart. (Ages 12+)



The Jerrie Mock Story cover

THE JERRIE MOCK STORY: THE FIRST WOMAN TO FLY SOLO AROUND THE WORLD (2016): Jerrie Mock dreamt of becoming a pilot since she was seven years old, just like her hero, Amelia Earhart. Jerrie Mock's life story shows the reader how an ordinary person can do extraordinary things when she left her job as a housewife to fly around the world. When "The Flying Housewife" planned to circumnavigate the globe, another woman claimed she would be the first and the two women raced to see who would make the historic claim. (Ages 10+)

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