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Kylie Logan has a degree in English and was a journalist and writing teacher. She also writes as Casey Daniels.


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Italian Iced

ITALIAN ICED (2018): When Laurel Inwood features Italian cuisine on the Terminal at the Tracks menu, she knows she'll need to stock the shelves, the fridge, and the freezer with plenty of wonderful delicacies. She just never expected one of them to be her former employer, Hollywood superstar Meghan Cohan.

And one day, when Laurel is at the restaurant early to get ready for the regular rush of customers, that's exactly what she finds—Meghan dead in the Terminal freezer.

What's a Hollywood A-lister doing in Hubbard, Ohio?

For Laurel, that's the real question, because the first question she'd ask in any other murder investigation—who would want the victim dead?—seems pretty much a no-brainer in this case.

Who would want Meghan dead?

Just about anybody who had ever met her.


Irish Stewed cover

IRISH STEWED (2016): Laurel Inwood has the gig most other chefs can only dream of...she's personal chef to a Hollywood mega-star. But when the star gets some unwanted publicity, she blames Laurel. Fired and blackballed by her A-list contacts, Laurel's at loose ends. That is, until she gets a call from Sophie Charnowski in Hubbard, Ohio. Sophie is the sister of the woman who was once Laurel's foster mother, and she's having surgery. She needs Laurel's help running her restaurant.

Laurel arrives expecting the elegant restaurant she's seen in photos Sophie has shown her. Instead, she finds herself at Sophie's Terminal at the Tracks, a meat-and-potatoes joint housed in an old train station. The neighborhood is being gentrified, and the Terminal is going to be left in the dust if Laurel doesn't come up with a way to attract attention. When she decides to spice things up by adding food specials that focus on world cuisine, Laurel hits pay dirt. Too bad murder and a good meal don't mix, no matter what kind of ethnic food is being served.

31st Annual
Buckeye Book Fair
November 3, 2018
9:30 to 4:00
Fisher Auditorium Wooster, Ohio
$2 Admission
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