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About Jerry Copas: Author Jerry Copas is a balloon pilot and the owner and president of Images Aloft Ballooning, Inc. Jerry is a native of southern Indiana, and currently resides near Sellersburg. He has flown balloons professionally for over 35 years, traveling extensively to 49 states and 7 countries. He has flown over such varied landscapes as the Swiss Alps, Australian Outback, and the Arabian desert. He is a flight instructor, and has spoken at numerous ballooning safety seminars and symposiums.

A longtime fan of aviation history, Jerry is a member of the Balloon Federation of America, The Akron Lighter Than Air Society, The Naval Airship Association, The Navy Lakehurst Historical Society, and is the former president of the Balloon Society of Kentucky where he continues to serve as that organization's historian. He has written many articles and features for various ballooning magazines and newsletters. He has one son, Spencer, who is a college student and also a balloon pilot.

For more about Jerry Copas' book, visit his Facebook page.

Jerry Copas' Speaking Engagements: Jerry Copas speaks on the topic of his book.



Wreck of the Naval Airship USS Shenandoah cover

THE WRECK OF THE NAVAL AIRSHIP USS SHENANDOAH (2017): The USS Shenandoah was the pride of the American Navy in 1925. America's first rigid dirigible, her name is a native American word meaning "Daughter of the Stars." While performing a publicity tour of the midwest, the ship was ripped to pieces by a violent storm.

Fourteen men died including Commander Zachary Lansdowne, who remained at his post to the very end. The citizens of Noble County, Ohio, were alarmed and amazed when this hi-tech, state of the art marvel came tumbling out of the sky into their rural and isolated community. While lavishing care and support to the wounded, the locals also looted the wreckage and made souvenirs of valuable equipment that remained family treasures for years.

Tales of daring and sacrifice by those brave sailors on that stormy night soon became the thing of legend to the residents of the valley. For nearly 100 years, people there have maintained the legacy of Shenandoah with monuments, songs, and commemorations that continue to this day.

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