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About Tadgh Bentley: Tadgh Bentley is a picture book author and illustrator originally from the UK, now living in the Hocking Hills of Ohio with his wife Emily and puppy Atticus. After six years teaching elementary aged children in Britain and Jordan, he had some time to pursue a long-held dream of writing and illustrating his own picture book. Tadgh is a self-taught artist whose drawings are sketched using pen and ink before being colored digitally.

For more about Tadgh Bentley, visit his website.



Little Penguin and the Lollipop cover

LITTLE PENGUIN AND THE LOLLIPOP (2017): Full of funny faces, underwater friends, and razzle dazzle seaweed lollipops, here comes the hilarious and charming sequel to "Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups!"

Little Penguin has a problem…his friend Kenneth is upset! And it's all because Little Penguin ate Kenneth's deliciously yummy razzle dazzle seaweed lollipop! Little Penguin's tried everything he can think of to make it up to Kenneth but nothing seems to help—not even a hug! (Ages 4-8)



Samson cover

SAMSON: THE PIRANHA WHO WENT TO DINNER (2017): Samson is a fine-dining piranha who wishes to break the mould and try new things. While his piranha friends are happy doing the same thing day in and day out, Samson wants to get out to the finest restaurants in the river. But with his sharp teeth and scary smile, will Samson ever be allowed in? (Ages 4-8)

31st Annual
Buckeye Book Fair
November 3, 2018
9:30 to 4:00
Fisher Auditorium Wooster, Ohio
$2 Admission
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