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About Tanya Anderson: Tanya Anderson is an award-winning author and editor of books for young readers. Anderson is the author of more than thirty books published in children's and educational book markets. Anderson lives in Springfield, Ohio, part of the year, but retreats to Palm Harbor, Florida, when it gets too cold.

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Tanya Anderson's School Visits & Speaking Engagements: Tanya Anderson has four prepared presentations: Presentation 1 - Resilient Tillie Pierce and the Battle of Gettysburg, Presentation 2 - So You Think You Know Dr. Seuss, Presentation 3 - Writing Matters, or Presentation 4 - How Books Are Published. Audience: Youth or Adult. Please visit this link for more about Tanya Anderson's speaking.



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GUNPOWDER GIRLS: THE TRUE STORIES OF THREE CIVIL WAR TRAGEDIES (2017): With thousands of men off fighting in the Civil War, the government hired women and girls—some as young as ten—to make millions of rounds of ammunition. Poor immigrant girls and widows paid the price for carelessness at three major arsenals. Many of these workers were killed, blown up and burned beyond recognition.

"Gunpowder Girls" tells an amazing war story that finally gives its subjects their due. Hidden history comes alive through primary-source research and page-turning narrative. "Gunpowder Girls" is a story of child labor and immigrant hopes and the cruel, endless demands of an all-consuming war. (Ages 12+)


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TILLIE PIERCE: TEEN EYEWITNESS TO THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG (2017): Just 15 years old when the war came to Gettysburg, Pennsyvlvania, Tillie Pierce watched as the Confederate and Union armies took turns capturing her town, stealing everything in sight, and turning homes into blood-soaked field hospitals. She remembered every moment and wrote it down. Anderson tells her story and adds more facts, maps, and photos about this famous battle. (Ages 12+)

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